What are the preparation times of the products ordered?

For the products present on the site we try to send the goods no later than five days from the receipt of the order.

What are the average shipping times?

The shipping times in Italy are from one to three days maximum. For the foreign countries on average are one week, the timing can vary according to the rules and rules applied by the customs of each country, the customs policies vary considerably from country to country.

How is the parcel shipped?

Our products are delivered all over Italy and in the world by UPS Courier, you can have information about the parcel tracking in the section “My account” after the registration of your data at the time of the order. The shipping cost includes packing preparation, shipping and delivery to the destination address.
The moment you make the purchase order, the form you fill out will highlight the total cost of the goods and shipping costs, we will be happy to provide you with all the information possible, at any time, contacting us at our phone number + 39 0577943251 or our email

What are the payment methods you accept?

The payment methods accepted are:
Advance bank transfer
Paypal payment
In the first case it will be customer care to send the receipt of the payment made so that the order can be shipped
In the second case the payment takes place automatically at the time of the conclusion of the order and we will immediately prepare and dispatch the goods

Can complaints be forwarded for defective or damaged goods?

Claims for damaged goods, however not in conformity with the characteristics of the order we may be forwarded, no later than three days, by telephone contact to our number + 39 0577 943251 or to the email

What type of document is accompanied by the goods?

Each sale is accompanied by the corresponding tax receipt. In case you have entered the VAT, in the appropriate model of the order by the customer, will be issued tax invoice.

What is the technique used for prints?

Digital printing with Epson Ultrachrome HD inks on Hahnemuehle Albrecht Dürer paper (210g/m²).

Are watercolors and oil paintings unique pieces?

They are handmade, unique and unrepeatable works.

Is it possible to contact you directly, for any personalized requests on the purchase of the products?

You can contact us at any time, we will be happy to find the best solution to your needs, in this case of course the transaction will end without having to switch from e-commerce.

How to order

In the section Art-Shop found a product of interest, click on the button “buy” to insert it in the cart itself. From the shopping cart you can continue your purchases by pressing the “Continue purchases” button.
After spending, just like near the cashier, the products present in the cart appear visible. At this point you can make insertions, cancellations or confirm the purchases by pressing the button “Effetua order”. The pages related to the personal data and those of the completion of the order will follow. For any further information or help contact our customer service at + 39 0577943251.